A Commitment To The Local Business Community

Becoming successful and maintaining success are two different things. The hard work you put in to build a successful business enterprise should lead to ongoing, if not permanent rewards.

The Security That Comes With Strategic Business Entity Establishment

The more your business grows and succeeds, the more likely disputes will arise with partners, customers, vendors and government entities. Without proper legal protections, your personal assets are at risk should disagreements become lawsuits.

Café Commerce and the LiftFund Women's Business Center are entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Both groups provide support, information and resources to help San Antonio residents start and maintain their businesses. Since 2014, the organizations have focused on making entrepreneurship easier. Partnering with the city, the organizations tailor programs, workshops, networking opportunities, and special events for the entrepreneurial community.

At Demory Law Office PLLC, we take the necessary proactive steps to separate your business assets from your personal property. Selecting and forming business entities (LLCs, LLPs, corporations or partnerships) is vital. Attorney Samantha Demory will spend time with you to discuss your business and its objectives.

Contact Our Universal City Law Firm For Help With A Business Start-up

Our founder will identify the entity best suited for you and attend to every detail quickly and cost-effectively. Our goal is to ensure the fast implementation of much needed asset protection. For more information, contact a lawyer at Demory Law Office PLLC in Texas. Fill out our online intake form, or call 210-951-4124.